A unique customer experience

Becoming and remaining our clients’ “preferred rental company” is essential to us. We spend every day striving to bring our clients the most appropriate and effective answers and solutions. We place emphasis on range development by integrating innovative equipment to offer our clients the same quality of service, wherever they may be in the world.

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Loxam a unique customer experience

Safety - an imperative

Protecting the physical integrity of our employees and equipment users is - and will always be - a key priority. This issue also means that there is no room for compromise. “Safety, anytime & anywhere” is for all Loxam employees, more than just an instruction, a way of thinking and acting in our everyday work. In addition to focussing on raising awareness and training our teams, we adopt a proactive attitude to pre-empt any risks.

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At Loxam safety is an imperative

For a more sustainable world

“Reuse, Reduce, Recycle”. Behind the slogan, we strive to align every action and every decision with our policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR). We harness the power of digital technology to propose paperless internal and external documents. We advocate the reuse of materials recovered from our activity, and give priority to replacing individual parts instead of machines.

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Loxam - creating a more sustainable world

The sense of responsibilities

We undertake to abide by rules of good business practice to foster healthy and transparent relationships with all our stakeholders (customers, suppliers and business partners). Our code of ethics sets out the objectives, rights and duties of everyone in the firm and specifies our values and fundamental principles in order to combat corruption. This means that every employee can exercise their responsibilities in full compliance with the law.

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Loxam governance

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